Ever seen those recipes that claim they only take 5 minutes to prepare? Well, do they really?

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Your Recipe Flogger
Your Recipe Flogger

Let’s be honest, we’re all busy. ¬†And, nothing is worse then seeing a time saving way out, only to be cheated. You know, the quick fix meal recipe that claims to take only 5 minutes to prepare! ¬†Awesome! ¬†Because, I’m thinking, that will save me an hour or more for kid’s homework, housework, laundry or maybe just a glass of wine. ¬†Except, only to find out that it really takes a hour to prepare. And, then, when it’s done, it doesn’t look remotely like the picture –¬†a¬†total “nailed it.” ¬†Luckily, the kiddos don’t know the difference, but you, my fellow bad moms, do. ¬†Enough already! ¬†Let’s flog the BS right out of those recipes. ¬†Uncork your bottle of Merlot, and let’s go!

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